Over the years Bread Uprising members helped plan and facilitate a few workshops about food sovereignty, bread baking, etc. Some examples of these are:

  • Preschool-age kids from the Tres Rios Community School came to the bakery to make gluten-free bread together and learn about how to use scales — explaining the “tare” function was a particular highlight (‘zine article)
  • Noah did a food sovereignty workshop with youth from the Grilled Cheese Bus / Youth Organizing Institute in July 2011 (written up in a ‘zine article)
  • Bread Uprising hosted a bread and storytelling workshop as part of the Combahee Survival Week, where participants talked about our bread experiences and collectively decided on a recipe to bake together.
  • Along with Manju Rajendran and Rob Jones from Vimala’s Curryblossom Restaurant, we hosted a food sovereignty workshop for high school students from Chapel Hill High School. We worked together on a diagram of food sovereignty, which was later reproduced in this ‘zine.