Bread Uprising’s structure went through various changes over the years. It was primarily structured as a cooperative where bakers and bread-eating members made decisions together about the vision, direction, and structure of the bakery. The bakers then took more leadership in day-to-day operations, supported by members who took on specific roles.

This zine has a graphic (bilingual) describing our structure, which included:

  • Assembly: “What is an assembly?”. The assembly was open to all members and supporters, and gathered about twice a year.
  • Bread Team: Team of members and bakers whose role was to “keep the vision of Bread Uprising alive between assemblies,” and tackle big-picture questions through meetings every month.
  • Bakers: The baker team did the day-to-day baking and much of the ground work to keep the bakery running, such as regular communication with members, recipe development, political education, logistics, and more.
  • “Muffins”: Work teams made up of members and bakers who tackled specific pieces of work to keep the bakery running, including Subscription (to handle membership re-subcription process), Zine (to plan/edit the weekly zine), and Preserving (to gather seasonal local ingredients).