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What was the Community Supported Bakery (CSB) program?

  • One of our core programs was the CSB subscription program. Each week, we baked and delivered bread, muffins, and other baked goods to meet the needs of families and households throughout the Triangle (Durham, Chapel Hill, and Raleigh area). The bakery was rooted in queer, people of color, and working class communities.
  • Members participated in bakery decision-making and supported the bakery’s work in a number of ways (see below), and no one was turned away for lack of money.
  • Read an interview with Tim on the making of the CSB in the zines: s04week1 zine 11.15.10 & s04week2 zine 11.22.10!
  • Read about neighborhood expansion decisions: neighborhood outreach
  • View the OLD CSB Page

Membership Policies and Procedures

  • Radical majority (at least 60%) people of color membership.
  • Priority membership for people of color and anyone without consistent access to food.
  • The above policies sometimes meant using a waiting list for new applicants, depending on the membership composition at the time pending available space.
  • Members were asked to commit to the bakery for at least an entire season. There were three seasons per year: Winter/Spring, Summer, and Fall. New applications to join mid-season were accepted on a space-available basis.
  • Members worked with bakers to set the vision and agenda for the bakery. Members were asked to participate in the bakery in whatever capacity they were excited about, and by Season 13 each member household was required to give at least 2 hours each season of involvement. For example: a clean-up or delivery shift, helping with phone calls to other members, organizing an event, helping with baking one day, participating in a leadership team, or writing an article for the zine, etc. Read about the proposal for members to contribute time in this zine: season 7 week 10 (changes to our structure)
  • At any given time membership ranged from approximately 25 to 50 households.
  • Bread Uprising Member Survey – Spring 2013

IMG_1282Subscription and Resubscription Process

*Take a look at the pony and rainbow or cat playing basketball cakes, referenced in the Brochure from Spring 2013!

PonyAndRainbowCake copy CatBasketballCake