Thank you!!!

Cookies spelling out the words Thank You!

Dear Community,

Thank you so much for all of your support over the past 30 days (and the past 2 and a half years)!

Thursday night at midnight our Indiegogo fundraising campaign ended, and we met our goal!! We have raised over $10,280 (including a few cash/check donations that are not included on the indiegogo page total). And, 80% of the contributions were $50 or less.

We are in awe of your generosity, and so proud of all of the many ways that folks came out to support this effort.

We’re moving forward with our work for the fall, and we’ll keep you updated about our plans. Next Saturday (9/29), we’ll be at the NC Pride Festival on Duke’s East Campus with rainbow NC cookies, cupcakes, foccacia and granola.

Also, we know that some people are still interested in donating – we’ll still graciously accept any donations you want to give. You can contribute online at

We’re also planning a celebration and thank-you card making party in the next 2 weeks – let us know if you’d like to attend!

For those of you who donated, your cookies, ‘zines, magnets & stencils will be in the mail in the next few weeks. And again, thank you!!!

The Bread Uprising bakers and fundraising team

36 Hours to go!!

So far, we’ve raised over $5,000!   In order to meet our goal, over the next two days, we need 200 people to contribute $25 each.

Here’s what you can do:

  • Spread the word!  Tell people about the bakery, forward this email to other listservs or individuals who may be interested in Bread Uprising, or both!
  • Like our page on Facebook and share our video!  Our name is Panaderia Bread Uprising Bakery, or just go to:
And, of course, if you can: Donate!!
All donations can be made on our indiegogo page:
Thank you to all of you who have already supported and contributed to our campaign!  Everything you give is making a difference.

Indiegogo campaign update

Help Make it Happen

Thanks for all the support on our fundraising campaign from our family, friends, and community.  You have spread our message at your workplaces, facebook pages, and throughout your larger communities.

We have also gotten some great press in the Indy and there will be more to come.  You can read the little piece about us here.

We are fundraising to pay our bakers’ salaries so they can spend 4 months experimenting with different economic models, so that we can make this bakery sustainable in the long term while building access to food.  This is seed money so that we can figure out how to scale up to full-time production as a worker co-operative!  Continue reading

Indiegogo Campaign Launches!

We are at the end of our 9th season here at the bakery, and we’ve been dreaming big.

Over the past 2 years, we’ve baked weekly bread for an average of 35 families & households. We’ve built a bakery where members contribute what they can, and receive the bread that they want and need. We have worked to build an economy based on love and solidarity. Bread Uprising’s membership is a radical majority (at least 60%) people of color, and there is priority membership for anyone who does not have consistent access to food.

Now, we’re ready to take root, grow bigger, and blossom. And we need your help!

Check out or watch the video below to find out about our fundraising campaign. We’re using the money to create a worker co-op, make great bread accessible to everyone, and ensure that we’ll be here for the long haul!

Continue reading