What we’re baking for Thanksgiving 2013

This year, we’re especially excited about offering more kinds of pie – like vegan pecan pie, NC sweet potato, and apple streusel!

Dinner rolls ($1.50 – $8 per half-dozen)
Arranged in the shape of a flower to brighten up your table. Choose from white, 100% whole-wheat or mixed.

Classic pumpkin pie, with milk and eggs ($5 – $20 / pie)
From our fresh, home-made pumpkin puree. We use Mapleview Farm cream, milk and butter, and local eggs.

Vegan pumpkin pie with gluten-free pecan praline crust ($7 – $20 / pie)
Home-made pumpkin puree with organic coconut milk for the filling. Crust made from pecans from Southern Alternatives Agricultural Cooperative in Georgia!

Our famous vegan pecan pie ($7 – $20 / pie)
Noah worked long and hard to come up with this recipe for vegan pecan pie that has the same texture as the traditional pie. Made from a mix of pecans, including some from Southern Alternatives Agricultural Cooperative in Georgia. Contains honey.

Sweet potato pie ($5 – $20 / pie)
A classic pie made with delicious NC sweet potatoes, Mapleview cream and local eggs.

Vegan apple streusel pie ($5 – $20 / pie)
This features slices of delicious NC Rome apples, covered with a brown sugar crumble crust.