Ways to support the bakery

As part of our subscription program, every season we send out a comprehensive list of what the bakers and bakery need and ask our members to contribute what they can. For those of you who aren’t members, here’s a shorter list of ways you can help support the bakery this Spring!

  • Come by to help with slicing and packing bread on Monday afternoons (between 2pm and 6pm)
  • Go strawberry-picking for the bakery
  • Take a road trip to Eastern NC and pick up a load of pecans and non-GMO canola oil (we can reimburse all or part of the costs)
  • Donate money to cover baker pay for a few hours each week so that we can spend that time in visioning and political education sessions ($64 would cover one week)
  • Ayudános en traducir estas páginas! We have some content in Spanish but need to fill in the gaps.

Cookies spelling out the words Thank You!