Hamantaschen for Purim 2013!

hamantaschen image
My great-aunt used to bake these little filled, 3-cornered cookies and send them to my family when I was a child. I’ve been baking them and sending them out for many years. Last year, we baked them in a special bake day and opened ordering up to everyone – this year we are doing that again, in case you want to order some!

Fill out the form to pre-order, or just stop by the bakery this Friday evening from 5-6pm and we’ll plan to have some extra – 816 Yancey St. in Durham. We’ll have them in boxes of 8 cookies. The cookies are vegan, so they are also pareve. They’ll have poppyseed and prune fillings.


We will be here to joyfully greet you at the 816 Yancey Street, Friday February 22 from 5-6pm. The bakery is on the NE corner of Arnette and Yancey Street, with the entrance on Arnette. If you are not able to come during that time, you can pick your order up from the cabinet on our porch the next few days. Or let us know if some other option works better for you.

To order, fill out the form below:

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