Joining the CSB

One of our core programs is the CSB subscription program. Each week, we bake and deliver bread, muffins, and other baked goods to meet the needs of families and households throughout the Triangle. Members participate in bakery decision-making and support the bakery’s work in a number of ways, and no one is turned away for lack of money. Bread Uprising’s membership is a radical majority (at least 60%) people of color, and there is priority membership for anyone who does not have consistent access to food.

Usually, we ask people to commit to the bakery for at least an entire season. Currently there are three seasons per year (Winter/Spring, Summer, and Fall). Sign-ups for our 12th season will begin in April, 2013. However, we do accept new applications to join mid-season on a space-available basis.

If you’re interested in joining, please fill out the subscription form and return to us either via email, snail mail (to 816 Yancey Street / Durham, NC 27701), or in person.

Also, Bread Uprising is a membership organization, which means that members participate in decision-making and setting the vision/agenda for the bakery. So we ask members to participate in the bakery whatever capacity they’re excited about, and require each member household to give at least 2 hours each season of involvement (could be a clean-up or delivery shift, helping with phone calls to other members, organizing an event, helping with baking one day, participating in a leadership team, writing an article for the ‘zine, etc.).

We have priority membership for people of color and folks with food insecurity.  Because of that, depending on the current membership of the bakery we sometimes have to put new applicants on a waiting list until space opens up.

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