Indiegogo Campaign Launches!

We are at the end of our 9th season here at the bakery, and we’ve been dreaming big.

Over the past 2 years, we’ve baked weekly bread for an average of 35 families & households. We’ve built a bakery where members contribute what they can, and receive the bread that they want and need. We have worked to build an economy based on love and solidarity. Bread Uprising’s membership is a radical majority (at least 60%) people of color, and there is priority membership for anyone who does not have consistent access to food.

Now, we’re ready to take root, grow bigger, and blossom. And we need your help!

Check out or watch the video below to find out about our fundraising campaign. We’re using the money to create a worker co-op, make great bread accessible to everyone, and ensure that we’ll be here for the long haul!

Besides donating, here are some other ways you could help support the campaign:

  • Email the Indiegogo link ( and the informational video to everyone you know!
  • Speak to people about the vision of Bread Uprising and the impact that it has had on you, your family, and/or your community!
  • Post the Bread Uprising video on your facebook page! (
  • Hold a fundraising dinner party or community gathering! If you’re in the Durham area, we’d be happy to supply you with bread or other baked goodies to share at a dinner party or gathering. Contact Carly (cpaticamp at or Emily (emilyschavez at for help with party planning.
  • Help us send the press release to newspapers, radio stations, and influential blogs! Contact Tim (timstallman at if you want to help with media work for the campaign.
  • Pass out postcards (we’ll get you some – just ask!) at your church or community group! Contact Javiera (ajavcaballero at if you need postcards.

One thought on “Indiegogo Campaign Launches!

  1. Hi, friends,

    I’ve seen your Indiegogo campaign and have read about you in different places lately. Love what you’re doing for Durham. Just wondering if you’ve heard about this funding opportunity: at Goodmaker. It came across my computer and I thought it sounded like something that fits well with what you’re doing.

    Best of luck!

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