What we’re baking for Thanksgiving 2013

This year, we’re especially excited about offering more kinds of pie – like vegan pecan pie, NC sweet potato, and apple streusel!

Dinner rolls ($1.50 – $8 per half-dozen)
Arranged in the shape of a flower to brighten up your table. Choose from white, 100% whole-wheat or mixed.

Classic pumpkin pie, with milk and eggs ($5 – $20 / pie)
From our fresh, home-made pumpkin puree. We use Mapleview Farm cream, milk and butter, and local eggs.

Vegan pumpkin pie with gluten-free pecan praline crust ($7 – $20 / pie)
Home-made pumpkin puree with organic coconut milk for the filling. Crust made from pecans from Southern Alternatives Agricultural Cooperative in Georgia!

Our famous vegan pecan pie ($7 – $20 / pie)
Noah worked long and hard to come up with this recipe for vegan pecan pie that has the same texture as the traditional pie. Made from a mix of pecans, including some from Southern Alternatives Agricultural Cooperative in Georgia. Contains honey.

Sweet potato pie ($5 – $20 / pie)
A classic pie made with delicious NC sweet potatoes, Mapleview cream and local eggs.

Vegan apple streusel pie ($5 – $20 / pie)
This features slices of delicious NC Rome apples, covered with a brown sugar crumble crust.

Mother’s Day 2013 Bake Sale!

Mother's Day Bake Sale 2013

Mothers Day can be a time to honor the parents and elders in our lives – our own mothers and grandmothers, other parents in our communities, and people in our queer families who play a mentoring role in our lives. For those of you who observe this day by sending gifts, we are holding a bake day. You can order some delicious treats to pick up, -OR- we will ship them directly to a recipient of your choosing! For those of you who live outside of Durham, this is a great chance to experience Bread Uprising’s delicious baked goods, or share them with a loved one.

If you’d like, here are some other ways to support the bakery this spring. In addition to ordering bread, you can also donate online.

This year, we’re baking:

  • Lemon-Thyme Poundcake – a mini loaf of zesty pound cake; infused with thyme from our gardens. This is vegan and gluten-free. Sliding-scale $3-12 per cake.
  • Flower-Shaped Linzer Cookies – what’s not to love about yummy shortbread cookies filled with strawberry jam. Vegan. Sliding-scale $3-12 per half-dozen.
  • Artisan Olive Bread – A loaf of our delicious rosemary-olive bread, a sourdough dough filled with kalamata olives and garden rosemary. Vegan. Sliding-scale $3-12 per loaf
  • Strawberry cheesecake – A rich and creamy NY-style cheesecake topped with NC strawberries and fresh strawberry glaze. Contains dairy, eggs and wheat and can be made gluten-free on request. Local pick-up only. Sliding-scale $10-30 per 8″ cake.


Ordering for this bake sale is closed!

Joining the CSB

One of our core programs is the CSB subscription program. Each week, we bake and deliver bread, muffins, and other baked goods to meet the needs of families and households throughout the Triangle. Members participate in bakery decision-making and support the bakery’s work in a number of ways, and no one is turned away for lack of money. Bread Uprising’s membership is a radical majority (at least 60%) people of color, and there is priority membership for anyone who does not have consistent access to food.

Usually, we ask people to commit to the bakery for at least an entire season. Currently there are three seasons per year (Winter/Spring, Summer, and Fall). Sign-ups for our 12th season will begin in April, 2013. However, we do accept new applications to join mid-season on a space-available basis.

If you’re interested in joining, please fill out the subscription form and return to us either via email, snail mail (to 816 Yancey Street / Durham, NC 27701), or in person.

Also, Bread Uprising is a membership organization, which means that members participate in decision-making and setting the vision/agenda for the bakery. So we ask members to participate in the bakery whatever capacity they’re excited about, and require each member household to give at least 2 hours each season of involvement (could be a clean-up or delivery shift, helping with phone calls to other members, organizing an event, helping with baking one day, participating in a leadership team, writing an article for the ‘zine, etc.).

We have priority membership for people of color and folks with food insecurity.  Because of that, depending on the current membership of the bakery we sometimes have to put new applicants on a waiting list until space opens up.

Valentine’s Day 2013

Valentine's Day Bake Sale promo

Bring home some yummy Bread Uprising baked goods
to your loved ones for Valentine’s Day!

We´re Offering:

  • Heart-shaped jam shortbread cookies
  • Chocolate strawberry love cakes
  • Gluten-free chocolate indulgence cupcakes
  • Hand-rolled chocolate truffles
  • Tomato-basil bread

Pickups: Baked goods will be available for pickup at the bakery at 816 Yancey Street, Wednesday, February 13 from 6-7 PM. The bakery is on the NE corner of Arnette and Yancey Street, with the entrance on Arnette. If you are not able to come during that time, you can pick your order up from the cabinet on our porch later that evening or the next day.

Prices listed below are sliding-scale. The lowest price will cover our ingredients costs, but nothing else. The middle of the price range pays for ingredients and our labor time, and the upper end not only covers ingredients and labor but allows us to grow the bakery’s vision. We want to bake for everyone and encourage you to pay whatever amount feels affordable and sustainable for you!

All items are vegan and all chocolate is fair-trade. We use all organic flours from Lindley Mills, and many other local & organic ingredients when we can.

Ordering for this bake day is now closed. Some of our Valentines Day items are also available through Thursday evening at King’s Red & White in Durham, Respite Cafe in Durham, and Lomo Market in Durham/Raleigh/Chapel Hill. Thanks!

Special Holiday Goodies / ¡Dulces especiales para las fiestas de Diciembre!

Just in time for the holidays: Order some delicious Bread Uprising baked goods. Have friends or family out of town? We’ll ship them!

Ordena deliciosos productos horneados de Bread Uprising para tu familia o amigxs. Si necesitas, se los enviamos a su domicile.

Packages get shipped out weekly on Saturday, Dec 8th – Dec. 22nd. Order by Thursday evening for it to ship on Saturday. Enviamos paquetes cada Sábado, el 8 hasta el 22 de Diciembre. Hacer tu pedido por el Jueves y lo enviamos el Sábado proximo.

We’re baking:

  • Stollen ($5-$12) – A traditional German sweet yeasted bread with brandy, citron, and raisins covered in powdered sugar. It keeps for awhile! A delightful treat to enjoy with coffee on Christmas morning.
  • Cookie boxes ($8-$24) – Winter Solstice, Christmas or Hanukkah themes. Just over a dozen cookies that include: gingerbread, pecan sandies and iced shortbread cookies.
  • Orange Cranberry Bread mini loaves ($5-$12) – A sweet and tangy quick bread with fresh cranberries and orange zest.


  • Cajas de Galletas ($8-$24) – con temas de Januka, Solsticio de Invierno o de Navidad. Incluye galletas de mantequilla y de jengibre, y bolitas de nueces.
  • Stollen ($5-$12) – “Stollen” (un tipo de pan dulce alemán), lleva levadura, licor de uvas, cáscara de limón, y pasas cubiertas con azúcar en polvo. Dura por varios días y es delicioso para acompañar el café en la mañana de Navidad.
  • Mini Pan de Naranja y Arándanos ($5-$12) – Un mini pan de naranja y arándanos agri-dulce con arándandos frescos y cáscara de naranja.

Order here! / Hacer tu pedida aquí

Job Announcement

We are hiring a part-time Baker Apprentice to join our team of baker-organizers! Candidates should enjoy physical work, be passionate about food and justice and strive for their work to have a positive impact in their community and local economy. Work will be balanced between baking, community organizing, relationship-building, fundraising, and administrative tasks.  Please see the job description for details, and help us to spread the word to good folks.  Applications are due by 5pm on Friday, October 26th.

Here is the job description: Baker Apprentice Job Description 10.2012

Here is the application: Job Application.  To fill out the application, either fill out the form on a  computer, save it and email it back to us, or print out a copy and drop it off at the bakery – DO NOT use the “submit” function at the top of the form, it will probably not work.

We are excited to be growing!!

Thank you!!!

Cookies spelling out the words Thank You!

Dear Community,

Thank you so much for all of your support over the past 30 days (and the past 2 and a half years)!

Thursday night at midnight our Indiegogo fundraising campaign ended, and we met our goal!! We have raised over $10,280 (including a few cash/check donations that are not included on the indiegogo page total). And, 80% of the contributions were $50 or less.

We are in awe of your generosity, and so proud of all of the many ways that folks came out to support this effort.

We’re moving forward with our work for the fall, and we’ll keep you updated about our plans. Next Saturday (9/29), we’ll be at the NC Pride Festival on Duke’s East Campus with rainbow NC cookies, cupcakes, foccacia and granola.

Also, we know that some people are still interested in donating – we’ll still graciously accept any donations you want to give. You can contribute online at https://www.wepay.com/donations/bread-uprising-fall-2012-expansion-fund

We’re also planning a celebration and thank-you card making party in the next 2 weeks – let us know if you’d like to attend!

For those of you who donated, your cookies, ‘zines, magnets & stencils will be in the mail in the next few weeks. And again, thank you!!!

The Bread Uprising bakers and fundraising team